Dear Parents:

We want all Courreges students to join the 97% club. What is the 97% club? Well, this year at Courreges it is our goal to have students attend school everyday and maintain an attendance rate of at least 97%. According to the FVSD, Proficient/Advanced attendance means missing no more than one day for every 25 days of instruction, and having no more than 7 TOTAL absences in the school year.  That's 96%, but here at Courreges we would like to aim for 97%.  Last year, we were below the district average for school attendance, so we need your help in improving our attendance rate for the 2015-2016 school year. 

To meet this goal, the following strategies and activities are being implemented this school year:

  1. Incentive programs for STUDENTS
  2. Monthly tracking and sharing
  3. Recognition for higher attendance

Please remember, our school receives approx. $36 per day for each child who attends school. Therefore, each % drop in attendance equates to a $43,416 loss to our school.  Last year alone, we lost $173.664 in attendance funding, so we can definitely do better.

Lastly, great attendance isn't all about money.  Students who attend school regularly perform better in school, feel more connected to school, and on average, have greater self-esteem. 

Please help your child and our school, as we hope he/she will become a member of the 97% Attendance Club. 


Mr. Christensen "Mr. C"