Courreges Elementary School

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Kindergarten (K) Round-up on 2/28 @ 1:30 p.m.
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Courreges School is committed to providing a safe and challenging environment for students. It is our expectation that students will succeed in the acquisition of basic skills and become life-long learners and quality citizens. Certificated and credentialed staff and our parent community are dedicated to assisting students in achieving this mission.

Vision Statement

“Strive for Excellence” is the common vision which drives all members of our educational community. Guided by knowledgeable, highly trained teachers, support staff, the administrator, and active parents, students strive for academic, social, and emotional excellence. The results of this labor are evidenced through strong student achievement. Teachers, staff, and the administrator continue to act on the principle that students come first. The educational programs at the school are tailored to meet the needs of the school population. Continued professional development is a priority for teachers, support staff, classified personnel, as well as the principal. Courreges provides families with parent education opportunities and a variety of ways to be involved in the students’ educational experience. Courreges is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every student through the creative and flexible teaching of our standards-based curriculum and the on-going assessment of student progress. All certificated staff, support staff, administrative staff, classified staff, and parents are committed to providing an environment that fosters the highest standards for all students while providing them with a comprehensive educational experience that becomes an integral part of their lives.